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Holiday Rentals

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Agency 43 Promenade

Fully dedicated to our customers, the “43 Promenade” is a real estate agency specializing in the sale and holiday rentals of apartments and villas in and around Nice, France.
The strength of our agency lies in its specialization : the “43 Promenade” focuses primarily on the downtown (“Golden Square”) real estate market.
With this specialization we have specific knowledge that allows us to satisfy our customers’ needs by providing the lowest possible price and under the best conditions.


With the proven expertise of our employees we guarantee our customers the perfect knowledge of the local market , with continuous proficiency on serious achievements in the field of taxation.


In addition, as a member of FNAIM, the “43 Promenade” agrees to implement the code of ethics and compliance, thus joining its own security and that of service to our customers. Besides, the “43 Promenade” puts its huge international network (more than 80 offices worldwide) to ensure prompt and qualified service to fully meet your needs.


Your satisfaction is our priority!